Sandy Dalis


Sandy Dalis

HELLO! I’m Sandy Dalis, Board-Certified Holistic Health, Nutrition and Life Coach, and founder of Crave Nutrition.

After working for many years in the fast food industry – which promotes addictions to unhealthy food – I was inspired to become a health coach to share my passion for nutrition and wellness.

I specialize in helping women conquer cravings and overcome emotional eating.I am here to SUPPORT YOU. When you understand the connection between what you eat, why you eat, and how you feel, you will be in control of your food, instead of your food being in control of you, and on your way to enjoying a happier, healthier, more energetic life!

It is my honor to guide and support you on your journey to become your best self!


Helping women conquer cravings and overcome emotional eating, so they can enjoy a happier, healthier, more energetic life. Trained at New York’s Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Sandy offers individualized health and nutrition coaching, and leads corporate wellness workshops.


Sandy Dalis

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