Sandy Dalis

“Season” Your Water

Have you ever thought about why certain fruits and veggies are more abundant in certain seasons? Nature’s produce cycle actually supports our body’s needs, and gently leads us from season…

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Juicing vs. Smoothies?

Juicing and drinking smoothies are both great ways to “eat” more fruits and veggies. But have you ever wonder what the differences are between juices and smoothies, and which might…

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Curbing night-time Cravings

In last week’s blog, I explored some possible “whys” for what drives us to snack at night. In this week’s blog, it’s time to learn what we can do about…

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Night-time Snack Attack?

Are you enjoying the longer days of summer? I sure am! But for some people, more daylight means more time to eat before bedtime! Have you ever thought about WHY…

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