Sandy Dalis

What’s on your plate?

As a coach, I love to see people create new habits – nutritionally, physically, and spiritually – including simple things like remembering to breathe.  That’s right, right now, slowly inhale…

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The Benefits of Juicing

It’s not always easy to get the recommended five to nine daily servings of fresh fruit and veggies. That’s why I love fresh juices and smoothies. They offer a convenient,…

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Easy Gluten-free Rosemary Herb Crackers

These gluten-free rosemary crackers are delicious, easy to make and great for dipping or topping with veggies.Ingredients:• 2 cups almond flour
• 1 egg, preferably pastured
• 1 TBSP olive oil
• 1…

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Poached Eggs on Polenta

How do you like your eggs?  Scrambled?  Hard Boiled?  Poached?  How about poached on polenta?  It's one of my favorite!  It's easy, delicious and gluten-free!  I love it with tomato…

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Why do eggs have a bad rap?

In the late 70s, eggs got a bad reputation when it was discovered that high amounts of cholesterol in the blood could increase our risk of heart disease. It was…

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